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Charger Medallion

Corner Canyon High School is fortunate to have a large and diverse student body consisting of students with many remarkable gifts, talents, and abilities.  With the Charger Medallion we encourage and recognize those students who choose to share their time and talents with our school and community.  To be honored with the Charger Medallion at graduation, graduating seniors, over the course of their time at CCHS, must have demonstrated an exceptionally high level of school involvement. 

Students receiving the Charger Medallion must have accumulated a total of at least 200 points from six CHARGE categories, with no more than 50 points from any one CHARGE category counting towards the 200 point total.  All points must be earned while attending CCHS.  Students are responsible for completing the application form and obtaining the verification signatures by the due date below.

Students who earn the Charger Medallion will wear it proudly at graduation and be recognized for their merits, service, and school engagement throughout their time at Corner Canyon High School.

How to complete the application:

  1. Click here to view the Charger Medallion CHARGE Point Categories.
  2. Click here for the application form and fill it out completely.
  3. Print application form and take to appropriate personnel for verification signatures.


Click here to watch the Charger Medallion video instructions. 

The form above needs to be completed, printed, and turned in with verification signatures to the Student Center by April 26, 2024.

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