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Cool to Care

Corner Canyon High School has adopted a partnership program called “Cool to Care” with
local businesses that promotes and rewards students for positive behavior by providing
incentives. One of CCHS’s school wide goals is to establish a school culture and community of
caring by constantly reinforcing positive behavior with our entire student body. “Cool to Care”
allows staff and faculty to reward students by handing out cards to students who demonstrate this
positive behavior during school and affiliated school activities. Students can then place their respective
“Cool to Care” card within one of several product (business sponsored) bins for a drawing at the
end of each month, and for a grand prize at the end of a semester and at the end of the school

Examples of positive rewarded behavior may include:
• Reaching out to support other students
• Cleaning up trash on school grounds
• Promoting the welfare of other students
• Reporting incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc.
• Peer mentoring or supporting other students academically
• Promoting service to school and/or others

Benefits to Students and Corner Canyon High School
Cool to Care supports a social component to the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and
Support) educational framework. Corner Canyon is committed to building a school climate and
culture of respect, tolerance and acceptance, and “Cool to Care” provides an ongoing extrinsic
incentive for students who promote both the general welfare of fellow students and school.
Students will have increased opportunities for product and prize drawings of donated items (i.e.,
iPod, bicycle, iTunes gift cards, skateboard, electronics, apparel, etc.).

Benefits to Local Business
This is an opportunity for a business to market itself and retail
goods in the high traffic main office at Corner Canyon High,
receive a potential tax-deductible write-off, support public
education, market to your local community, and enhance the
positive school culture and climate of Corner Canyon High

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